The Airport Information System (AIS) developed by Slot Consulting aims to provide a framework for airport communication processes. The system can be used for the following reasons:

  • Flight information display system for airports
  • Airport Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) processes
  • Framework system for other airport decision making systems
  • Demonstration tool for new airport and ground handling related developments

The following stakeholders can benefit from information sharing supported by AIS:

  • ATC
  • airport operations
  • aircraft operator
  • handling agent

The following Airport CDM Concept elements can make AIS to provide better schedule target numbers:

  • Airport CDM Information Sharing
  • The Milestones Approach
  • Variable Taxi Time Calculation
  • Collaborative Management of Flight Updates
  • Collaborative Pre-departure sequence
  • CDM in Adverse Conditions


The Airport CDM elements (103.33 Kb)