GOP-2015-3.3.4. - The Development of a competitive ICT sector

GOP-2015-3.3.4 - The Development of a competitive ICT sector

Slot Consulting Ltd. has won on the GOP-3.3.4. tender and also took part in its training which was held on the 25th of August in Budapest. GOP is an Economic Development Operational Program in Hungary. The key objective of the program's priorities are: the development of the business, the external and operative environment for enterprises thus strengthening their competitiveness.

Nowadays business services are covering almost all areas of the corporate operations thus the possibility of their usage may be essential for some of the enterprises with bottlenecks, lack of information or other problem facing businesses.

Regarding the domestic conditions the GOP intends to support the provision of entering new markets and providing trade development services, business and management consultancy, information flow on site or electronically.

In terms of competitiveness there is an emergent importance of the new trend-driven ideas, the utilization of the innovative results, the broad-mindedness for businesses operating in the ICT sector. The development of the enterprises engaged in the supply side (like ICT services, broadband access, access digital content, etc) contribute directly to the strengthening of the information society as well.

The aim of the "Industrial Leadership" pillar's programs within the Horizon 2020 is to accelerate the development and innovation of key technology sectors establishing the competitive European economy as well as to support European SMEs for being able to improve themselves to become world-class companies. The pillar encompasses three specific areas of which the foremost area is the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

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