SESAR is a large project aiming to reach the Single European Sky concept by developing the next generation of air traffic management in Europe. The SESAR and SESAR 2 projects are partly financed by the European Commission and involves the major European ATM players.

The SESAR programme includes research, development, demonstration and validation activities. Slot Consulting contributes to the programme by being involved in some of the demonstration activities focusing on increasing operational efficiency.

Slot Consulting can support air traffic management related research by:

  • Contribution to exploratory and pioneering research;
  • Helping to organise demonstrations, trials, workshops;
  • Operational feedback on new concepts, solutions, tools.
Reference projects of SESAR:
Budapest 2.0

Budapest 2.0 is a demonstration project launched by the SESAR Joint Undertaking. Slot Consulting is a consortium member in the project contributing to the activities of HungaroControl.The project will show that SESAR solutions can improve operational efficiency at small and medium-sized airports. Th... Read more...


Air transport is facing many challenges such as increasing demand, larger airports, increased network congestion, etc. which also need to be reconciled with environmental issues. Hence there is a need for smarter solutions at service, operational and technical level.One of the important players with... Read more...


The project undertakes the exploration of inventive and out of the box ideas for new operational approaches and strategies related to UDPP (User Driven Prioritisation Process) in ATM. Starting with an inventory of candidate approaches, including non-ATM areas such as Energy and Logistics, the strate... Read more...