Our Airport Collaborative Decision Making related know-how dates back to more than twenty-years. Some of our experts worked at the Airport Coordination Office at Budapest Airport, having been responsible for slot management and the harmonisation of the operational activities of the airport.

Later in the frame of Slot Consulting we were and are part of activities which aim to enhance information sharing among the various stakeholders at the airport including:

  • Airlines;
  • Air navigation service provider;
  • Airport operator;
  • Handling agents.

With the help of its partners, Slot Consulting can do the following CDM activities:

  • Organisation of workshops and forums with the main stakeholders;
  • Analysis of the current situation, bottlenecks in information sharing;
  • Measure the costs and benefits of a new CDM process at the airport;
  • Help to improve the relevant ICT solutions;
  • Execute the project and measure progress.
Reference projects of A-CDM:

CAATS - Cooperative Approach to Air Traffic Services - was a project under the 6thv Framework Programme of the European Union. The task of the CAATS network was to coordinate research processes and methodologies among other 6th Framework projects dealing with safety, human factor and validation issu... Read more...

CDM Business case

Slot Consulting participated at the CDM Business Case project. The project clearly demonstrated the advantages of Airport Collaborative Decision making through a generic cost - benefit analysis. The generic analysis was prepared on the basis of analysing four European CDM airports: Barcelona, Brusse... Read more...

CDM Courses

Slot Consulting had a pleasure to deliver the Collaborative Decision Making Courses on request of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).Each of the courses took a week (five working days) to deliver to the applicants to the IATA's A-CDM Course held in various locations in Europe. The to... Read more...


Level 4 CDM (Collaborative Decision Making) was based on a net-centric approach in which the business/mission trajectory was used as the common element to integrate airports into the ATM network. It introduced the idea of collaborative prioritisation of the trajectories, based on their economic valu... Read more...


The scope of TITAN encompass the processes included in the turnaround as well as those external services, which have a direct influence on it. Therefore, an extended handling view is ensured by including processes hitherto not, or not fully, considered in the Collaborative Decision Making view.Turna... Read more...