Airport detection and Tracking Of dangerous Materials by passive and active sensors arrays

The objective of the ATOM project was to study, design and develop the functional prototype of an innovative multi-sensor based system integrating active and passive radar sensors, improving the security level also in the Terminal area of the airport. ATOM system is a non-intrusive but pervasive security system. It doesn't require ad-hoc check points for passengers implying two important consequences:

ATOM system is not interfere with normal passengers flow; it makes more difficult for ill-intentioned people to identify where sensors are placed and to cheat controls. The pervasiveness of ATOM systems derives from the capability of ATOM sub-systems of monitoring wide airport areas and of detecting many kinds of hidden hazardous objects.

The technical approach followed foresees two separate and integrated controls: one at the Terminal accesses equipped with innovative active devices, able to detect and identify dangerous concealed tools; the other in the airport halls before the gate area equipped with new passive RF sensors able to track suspicious people/containers. The integrated controls information managed in a secure way within the airport information networks allowing security operators to face threats in the most suitable way, minimizing the risk for other people inside the Terminal area.


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